The NOW Revolution Infographics

A few months back my friend Jason Baer and his fantastic co-author, Amber Naslund, asked me to create some infographics for their book, The NOW Revolution. I was extremely humbled by the request. I’m neither a graphics person nor a designer (I did spend six weeks as an architecture major, but that was obviously short lived). However, Jay has always shown an appreciation for my slides and graphic tutorials I’ve prepared for colleagues and clients since our time together at Mighty Interactive/Off Madison Ave.

The NOW RevolutionPlease do yourself a favor and learn more about the book which is set to go on sale everywhere on February 14, 2011. You can even pre-order and download the first chapter on The NOW Revolution website.

Since Amber and Jay were kind enough to involve me on this project, I have seen and read the manuscript. There is a short list of resources I keep at the ready for knowledge and inspiration. That list just got longer by one. This book is teeming with valuable insights that you can put into action for your corporate and/or personal brand. Yes, it discusses how to do business better with social media, but beyond that, it describes in detail how you can do business better – period. You, your friends and customers will love The NOW Revolution.