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Google Tag Manager Tutorial

Today I provided a free online tutorial all about Google Tag Manager. We reviewed some benefits of adopting tag management as a key component of a marketing metrics program, created some sample tags and offered up some recommendations for fine-tuning your tag management process. Slides and video are included below. You will also find a link to some helpful Google Tag Manager resources provided to those who were able to attend the webinar.

Google Tag Manager Tutorial Slides


Google Tag Manager Tutorial Video

2:20 – Tag Manager & Efficiency
4:08 – Tag Manager & Time Savings
6:11 – Tag Manager & Measurement Program Organization
11:05 – Creating a Container Tag
13:11 – Defining Variables, Triggers & Tags in the Tag Manager Parlance
15:20 – Checking Our Work: Preview & Debug Mode and Real Time Analytics Reports
16:45 – The Analytics Pageview Tag
18:12 – Defining Constant Variables
19:19 – Publishing Your Container
21:03 – Page-Specific Triggers
26:02 – Adwords Conversion Tag Placement
29:58 – Adwords Remarketing Tag Placement
33:06 – Tags for Onclick Events in Analytics
34:49 – Creating Your Metrics Matrix
38:53 – Tracking PDF Clicks with Event Tags
40:22 – Activating the All Elements Click Trigger
41:23 – Activating Additional Variables
46:30 – Tracking Email Clicks with Event Tags
49:38 – Tag Manager Setup Checklist
50:50 – Tracking YouTube Activity with Event Tags
51:37 – Tracking Error (404) Page Activity with Event Tags
53:40 – Scroll Tracking with Event Tags
54:52 – Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate with Tag Manager
57:32 – Notes on Ecommerce Tracking with Tag Manager
58:29 – Google Tag Manager Resources, Content & Courses


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