Marketing Analytics Services

Teach to Fish Digital provides analytics consulting services in several forms based on individual client needs.

Each project is as unique as the clients for whom they are designed. However, analytics services typically fall in one of four categories.

Analytics Audits & Augmentation

Business analytics should reflect business objectives. Let’s establish a solid foundation for your marketing metrics program. Whether you are generating awareness, gathering leads or selling product, make sure you can measure correctly from the start.

Reporting Templates & Initial Insights

Ready to structure your marketing metrics into a tenable and repeatable format? Let’s build a reporting format that you can own. We provide the initial round of analysis with insights and recommendations to get you rolling.

Ongoing Insights

Your outsourced marketing analytics provider. Teach to Fish Digital can create, populate, and present your marketing analytics dashboards on a regular basis.

Analytics Education & Training

No more guess work or hazy KPIs. Empower your staff to correctly and accurately measure campaigns, content performance, ecommerce efficiency, and more. Teach to Fish provides analytics training either virtually or on-site.


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