Teach to Fish Digital operates on a core set of values and principles:

  • Bring a valuable lesson to every conversation, meeting, and engagement.
  • Learn from failure, and obsess over continuous improvement.
  • Analytics should replace dumb luck and misguided intuition, not creativity or strategic implementation.
  • Charts and graphs are secondary to the insights we can derive from them.
  • Experimentation and analysis always triumph over speculation and assumption.
  • Respect the work, but never take yourself too seriously.

Finally, always show gratitude. I wrote this post when I started the consultancy eight years ago. All of the individuals referenced here (and countless others) continue to play an important role in my development and success. Thanks always.

Live For Others

As a proud member of the Phoenix, Arizona business community, this little consultancy supports the following local organizations who are working to make a big difference in the areas of adoption programs, assisting special needs children, and maintaining public art throughout the city. Learn more about each of them.

AASK - Aid to Adoption of Special Kids Suzy Foundation Friends of Phoenix Public Art