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Understanding Responsive Email Design

What have been email marketers talking about this past month? Thanks to this fantastic report on mobile email behaviors, there has been a plethora of dialogue about responsive email design. According to the findings first presented late last month, an impressive 41% of emails are opened on a mobile. To emphasize the importance of mobile design further, only 2% who open an email on one device will open that same email on another device. In other words, it’s a one shot deal.

But how exactly does responsive design work? The video below takes you on a tour of some really riveting code (sarcasm intended) from REI, a company that employs responsive/adaptive email design techniques consistently. Take a gander.

Note: This is by no means a tutorial. It is merely intended to help those unfamiliar with @media query and responsive design to get better acquainted. Enjoy.

Resources mentioned in the video:

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6 thoughts on “Understanding Responsive Email Design

  1. Thanks for creating this easy to follow tutorial and including a video with it..that’s exactly what I needed ! This is a great help for us beginning to explore the responsive web design.

  2. Excellent high level overview of the @media query! This is next on my project list, so I’m just starting my research. You’re a great resource — Thanks, Chris!

  3. My pleasure, Hilary. Have had good success using the @media query since this video went up. Let me know if you have any questions.

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