Email Design Primer

Email Design Primer

As an email marketer, I probably code three to five emails per week. I would not, however, consider myself a designer. I work with many great designers, several of whom started in the traditional realm creating print ads, brochures, product packaging, etc. Email is just a different animal.

For those who are new to the nuances of designing a compelling and successful marketing email or template, I have created the following presentation.

Please see the video and slideshare below. If you have a friend that might be interested in learning about email design, feel free to share.

Within the video above, I reference a few links and resources. Here they are for your reference:

Here is our slideshare:

As the title of this post notes, this is merely a primer. Here are some more detailed email marketing design tips.

If you have questions about email marketing or need additional tips and resources, you know where to find me.