Create a Marketing Dashboard

The presentation embedded below was given at a recent agencyside workshop. agencyside trains traditional advertising and public relations firms as well as budding digital agencies on interactive marketing disciplines, agency operations and business development. Their goal is to help aspiring digital agencies become experts in the space. I’ve been helping them for a little over a month by producing and editing content for their site, webinars and live events.

This particular presentation focuses on marketing dashboards. Agencies and internal marketing teams alike typically create these kinds of reports to provide insight to the performance of marketing programs and campaigns. In this presentation, I’ve identify three common characteristics of successful dashboards, common problems and suggestions for specific data displays. My goal here is not necessarily to show you how to build a dashboard that would reflect something I would do personally, but rather to arm you with some basic tenets to create your own metrics reports that convey meaning quickly and clearly.

The key takeaway here is that your goal in developing measurement reports should not be to merely create a “pretty” visualization of data. The dashboard is simply a tool necessary to the process of determining what steps should be taken next to improve and/or maintain marketing results. Let me know if you have questions…

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