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23 Different Automated Emails

Earlier this month, Marketing Sherpa produced survey results that detailed the types of automated emails used by marketers most often. The data inspired me to create the following list of automated email examples that you can potentially employ. Each email message type is categorized by data required.

Needed: Email

“Thank you for subscribing. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.”

Customer Surveys
“Thanks for visiting. Please complete this brief survey to tell us about your stay.”

triggered email

Needed: Email + Campaign Behavior

Click-Enabled Messages (i.e. the recipient clicked on a product/service link in a previous message and receives the following)
“Interested in the Hyundai Elantra? Come in for a test drive this weekend.”

Re-Engagement Campaigns
“We have not heard from you in some time. What would you like to receive from us?”

Needed: Email + Time Sensitive Information

Trial Expirations
“Your one-month free trial is almost over. Subscribe to our annual plan now and save.”

Subscription Renewal Reminders
“Your subscription is set to automatically renew soon.”

Birthday/Holiday/Special Occasion Cards
“Happy Birthday for Acme Inc.” or
“Enjoy your wedding anniversary – surprise her with a bouquet of tulips.”

Service Reminders
“Your next oil change and tire rotation is scheduled for August 1st. We look forward to seeing you then.”

A reminder to rotate the tires on my shitty car.
A reminder to rotate the tires on my shitty car.

Product Release Date Reminder
“Thank you for expressing interest in our widget. It is set to hit stores this weekend. Here is a coupon.”

Warranty Expirations
“This is a friendly reminder that your warranty is set to expire. Purchase our extended warranty plan now.”

Needed: Email + Purchase History/Behavior

Receipt / Confirmation
“Thank you for shopping with us. Here is your receipt a list of items purchased.”

Post Purchase Follow Up
“We hope you are enjoying your jet ski. Share your photos on our Facebook Page.”

Seasonal Purchase/Donation Reminders
“Stock up again this year for the snow sports season.” or
“Thank you for your generous donation last year. Please consider contributing this year.”

Similar/Complimentary Product Pitches
“Consider picking up item Y to compliment last year’s purchase of item X.”

blue nile email marketing
An email I received one year after purchasing a bracelet for my lovely lady.

Ticket Purchase Reminders
“We hope you enjoy the show. Enjoy this complimentary music download.”

Event Countdowns & Follow-Ups
“We look forward to seeing you at the conference next week. Here are check-in details.” or
“Thanks for attending. Please complete this brief survey to tell us about your experience.”

Credit Card Expirations
“The payment information we have on file with you is set to expire. Please update your records to avoid an interruption of service.” (Be careful with this one as it could likely be construed as SPAM)

Service No-Show Notices
“Sorry we missed you. Please contact us to reschedule at a time that is convenient for you.”

Abandoned Carts
“Complete your order in the next 24 hours and we’ll ship it free.”

Customer Purchase Trends
“People who purchased this fork also purchased this spoon.”

Needed: Email + External Data

Note: These may require some sophisticated integrations to be truly automated.

“Nothing is better on a rainy day than a bowl of our lobster bisque. Join us for lunch today.” (more on weather-based triggers)

weather email

“We are now administering flu shots at the local clinic. Come in today.” (based on data from Google Flu Trends)

“Interest rates on 30 year fixed are now below 4.0%. Refinance today.”

What other automated email examples can you add to the list?