The following presentations have been created for use in public speaking appearances and in one-to-few training sessions.  If you have questions about their contents or need clarification on a point, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Email Marketing Tutorial

[slideshare id=9661479&doc=2011emailmarketing-111012105740-phpapp02]

Search Engine Marketing Tutorial

[slideshare id=9661460&doc=2011searchenginemarketing-111012105558-phpapp01]

Content Marketing: Be The Media

[slideshare id=7148683&doc=asucontentmarketing-110304075132-phpapp02]

The Data Game: Providing Meaningful Metrics for Multiple Campaigns

[slideshare id=6025324&doc=thedatagame-101203194706-phpapp02]

Analytics: Data Drives Decisions (with help from John Wooden)

[slideshare id=5209966&doc=datadrivesdecisions-100915171736-phpapp01]

Creating A Marketing Dashboard

[slideshare id=3381882&doc=dashboards-100309203450-phpapp02]

Digital Marketing Overview for College Students

[slideshare id=4403909&doc=aippresentation2010-100603155637-phpapp01]
Also see the attached quiz. Answers covered in slides 7-16.

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