Improving Google Grants for Nonprofits

Solar-powered flashlights. Inflatable dartboards. Books about how to read. Nonalcoholic beer. All inventions lacking a practical purpose. From the vantage of many nonprofit marketers, you can add Google Grants to that list. … [Read more...]

Planning Your Content Marketing

Do you remember this trick question from grade school: Which weighs more – 5 lbs of bricks or 5 lbs of feathers? Some of us (self included) were initially fooled by this obvious test of common sense, but as it relates to your content … [Read more...]

The NOW Revolution Infographics

A few months back my friend Jason Baer and his fantastic co-author, Amber Naslund, asked me to create some infographics for their book, The NOW Revolution. I was extremely humbled by the request. I'm neither a graphics person nor a … [Read more...]