Advertising Options for Email Marketers

In his book Audience, Jeff Rohrs made a compelling argument for why brands should consider audiences to be prized assets. The process to build a proprietary following of subscribers, social media followers, and mobile application users is … [Read more...]

It’s Retargeting. Not Regurgitation.

Remarketing as a marketing tactic is equal parts sophisticated and effective if executed properly. The problem with many remarketing campaigns is in the execution. If you have a pulse and an internet connection, you have undoubtedly … [Read more...]

Three Traits of Effective Editorial Calendars

If you are in the business of developing content marketing programs, creating fresh marketing assets, or delivering social media services/counsel, you have likely heard, talked, or preached about the absolute necessity to create an … [Read more...]

How To: Twitter Lead Generation Cards

For those marketers active on Twitter and seeking a boost in new customer prospects, Twitter offers Lead Generation Cards. This advertising product allows marketers to sponsor a tweet and attach some asset to it. Valuable assets can … [Read more...]

Finding Your Best Time to Send Email

Are you struggling to determine the best time to reach your email recipients? Welcome to the happy club. Identifying your best possible send time is no easy task, and studies that claim to have identified the ultimate delivery hour can … [Read more...]

Google Advanced Queries for SEO

I've written previously about how earning decent search rankings and the search engine optimization process is a lot like a political election. The more endorsements you earn from reputable and relevant sources, the better you look in the … [Read more...]

Email in an Increasingly Mobile & Social World

Last week I had the great opportunity to present to the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA). They had asked me to talk about the implications of mobile marketing and social media on email marketing and discuss what lies ahead … [Read more...]

Planning Content Marketing – A “Where to Start” Example

It hasn't quite reached the level of the Beatles or Jesus Christ just yet, but content marketing is getting more popular by the hour. Events, books, websites, and entire organizations have been dedicated to the promotion of utilizing … [Read more...]

The Giving Trees of Content Marketing

How to spot and support content marketing that bears fruit and why to abandon content that lags behind. I'm lucky enough to live in a home surrounded by citrus trees. They require a fair amount of work, but collectively, they provide … [Read more...]

Owned Media Presentation

This afternoon I am presenting to a class of college juniors and seniors at Arizona State Univerity's W.P. School of Business. My friend and former colleague, Bret Giles, leads a digital marketing class and has asked me to speak about Owned … [Read more...]