Google Adwords Extensions – Graphic

An explanation of Google AdWords ad extensions including sitelinks, call extensions, locations, reviews, and more. Extensions give your ads improved visibility and context. There is no additional cost to include extensions, but when a … [Read more...]

Three Traits of Effective Editorial Calendars

If you are in the business of developing content marketing programs, creating fresh marketing assets, or delivering social media services/counsel, you have likely heard, talked, or preached about the absolute necessity to create an … [Read more...]

Every Customer Has a Story

Think back to your junior high or high school English Literature class when your teacher first introduced and explained a story arc. This graphic representation of a plot is used by authors, television show writers, comic book creators, … [Read more...]

Hard & Soft Landing Page Elements

I spoke recently with the director of customer service for a national home improvement brand. She told me about how her team is evaluated on their use of both hard and soft skills. When I asked more about the difference between hard and … [Read more...]

Mobile SEO Recommendations

Last week I attended SMX West in San Jose, California. The conference featured many speakers from companies like Google and Bing, noted search marketing agencies and respected practitioners. One session that I found particularly … [Read more...]

Website Speed Analysis

Is your website crawling along at a snail’s pace? If so, you could be preventing your site from becoming a viable marketing asset. Beyond the obvious concerns about poor visitor experience, website speed is crucial because it is a search … [Read more...]

Why Your Marketing Test is Weak

Those of us in the marketing industry that freely admit we don't have all the answers, we can't exactly predict marketing results, and we truly don't know our customers well enough to anticipate how they will respond to certain marketing … [Read more...]

Two Big Reasons Agencies Should Use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free utility that allows us to place, update and manage code snippets (or tags) on our websites and applications. Agencies, in particular, who rely on clients or third party developers to place code that enable … [Read more...]

Google AdWords Infographic

An explanation of Google AdWords Quality Score, Ad Rank and how Google determines how much you pay per click. DOWNLOAD GRAPHIC DOWNLOAD GRAPHIC   … [Read more...]

Notes on Google’s Hummingbird Update

Google's recent Hummingbird update has garnered a healthy amount of headlines on sites and blogs dedicated to discussing search engine optimization. Unlike its predecessors, Panda and Penguin, which penalized websites relying on thin or … [Read more...]