Website Speed Analysis

Is your website crawling along at a snail’s pace? If so, you could be preventing your site from becoming a viable marketing asset. Beyond the obvious concerns about poor visitor experience, website speed is crucial because it is a search … [Read more...]

Why Your Marketing Test is Weak

Those of us in the marketing industry that freely admit we don't have all the answers, we can't exactly predict marketing results, and we truly don't know our customers well enough to anticipate how they will respond to certain marketing … [Read more...]

Marketing Reports are Icebergs

If you are like me, you may have made the mistake of thinking that the larger the report, the more value it provides. What a crock. Very early my career, I remember creating massive reports that included every possible data point, … [Read more...]

Two Big Reasons Agencies Should Use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free utility that allows us to place, update and manage code snippets (or tags) on our websites and applications. Agencies, in particular, who rely on clients or third party developers to place code that enable … [Read more...]

An Analyst’s Two Roles: Evaluator & Experimenter

For the majority of my childhood I was raised by a strong, smart and single woman. Balancing the responsibilities of one full-time job and the needs of four growing children could be considered a hopeless task as a solo act. Looking back … [Read more...]

Identifying Opportunities for Website Testing

A common mantra among usability pros and conversion rate optimization specialists is to "always be testing." Anyone who owns/manages a site and has committed to a consistent, rigorous testing program may have had some questions about what … [Read more...]

Avoid Marketing Hibernation

As the winter months approach, many businesses and organizations, especially those whose products and services don't quite fit neatly wrapped under a tree, are entering their "down season." Outbound programs are minimized, advertising … [Read more...]

Finding Your Best Time to Send Email

Are you struggling to determine the best time to reach your email recipients? Welcome to the happy club. Identifying your best possible send time is no easy task, and studies that claim to have identified the ultimate delivery hour can … [Read more...]

Planning Content Marketing – A “Where to Start” Example

It hasn't quite reached the level of the Beatles or Jesus Christ just yet, but content marketing is getting more popular by the hour. Events, books, websites, and entire organizations have been dedicated to the promotion of utilizing … [Read more...]

Create a Metrics Matrix

Let's face it. Many web analytics metrics are truly overvalued. Time on site, bounce rate and even visits are nearly meaningless without context for how visitors behave and the actions they take. Conveying meaning, demonstrating purchase … [Read more...]