Advertising Options for Email Marketers

In his book Audience, Jeff Rohrs made a compelling argument for why brands should consider audiences to be prized assets. The process to build a proprietary following of subscribers, social media followers, and mobile application users is … [Read more...]

It’s Retargeting. Not Regurgitation.

Remarketing as a marketing tactic is equal parts sophisticated and effective if executed properly. The problem with many remarketing campaigns is in the execution. If you have a pulse and an internet connection, you have undoubtedly … [Read more...]

The Nurture Series Guessing Game

Marketers tasked with lead generation face a difficult dilemma when gathering crucial information from prospects. The problem revolves around how much data we should elicit from lead generation forms. Typical form fields (i.e. name, email … [Read more...]

20 Email Marketing Design Tips

If you are new to email design, but have years of design experience working in print, web or other mediums, know this: email is a little different. There are layout nuances, there are legal requirements, and there are archaic technical … [Read more...]

Google Adwords Extensions – Graphic

An explanation of Google AdWords ad extensions including sitelinks, call extensions, locations, reviews, and more. Extensions give your ads improved visibility and context. There is no additional cost to include extensions, but when a … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Pyramid

Taking an email marketing program from good to great involves multiple steps. The pinnacle of success involves delivering a relevant, timely message to an appropriate and expecting audience, all the while keeping costs and time spent to a … [Read more...]

Email Rebirth : Activating Inactives

The holidays are tough on email recipients. Almost everyone I've chatted with lately has noted that they are drowning in promotional email messages. Marketing organizations typically light on outgoing communications have sprung back into … [Read more...]

Three Traits of Effective Editorial Calendars

If you are in the business of developing content marketing programs, creating fresh marketing assets, or delivering social media services/counsel, you have likely heard, talked, or preached about the absolute necessity to create an … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Metrics Explained

An explanation of standard, advanced, and ecommerce email marketing metrics. Use these metrics to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. DOWNLOAD CHART DOWNLOAD CHART   … [Read more...]

Four Tools Agencies Can Use When Bringing on New Email Clients

Agency friends - Do you have plans to provide email marketing services to a new client? Before you do, consider these tools to help prevent a new project from becoming a new burden. 1. List Validation Tools Chances are your new client … [Read more...]