How to Remove SPAM Referrals from Google Analytics

Client: "These damned SPAM bots are effing with my GA metrics." Me: "Let’s fix that." I think it is reasonable for website owners who rely on Google Analytics (GA) to expect accurate metrics. With fake, faux, and just plain bogus … [Read more...]

Purpose, Pivots & Pain Points: Nurture Program Building Blocks

Many credit Churchill with saying, "history is simply one damned thing after another." Sadly for many marketers entrusted with their organization's lead nurture strategy, countless automated communication campaigns embody the same lack of … [Read more...]

A Key Element to Email Deliverability: Well Executed Content Marketing

One of the hottest topics in the email marketing discipline revolves around SPAM filters and the concept of deliverability. Each ISP or mailbox provider (like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, etc.) plays by a varying set of rules and employs … [Read more...]

Google Adwords Customer Match Targeting

How to Set Up Your Customer Email List as an Audience in Adwords Recently, Google gave marketers another way to communicate to email subscribers. Similar targeting functionality has been available from Facebook and Twitter for some time. … [Read more...]

Email Design Primer

As an email marketer, I probably code three to five emails per week. I would not, however, consider myself a designer. I work with many great designers, several of whom started in the traditional realm creating print ads, brochures, product … [Read more...]

Nine Lessons Learned at The Email Design Conference

This year I decided to take the plunge. I traveled across the country escaping 108° weather here in Phoenix to attend The Email Design Conference in lovely Boston. The conference did not disappoint. I was able to meet some great … [Read more...]

Bought, Borrowed or Stolen

Asking the right questions about email lists we don’t own. Every couple of months I am given the opportunity to speak to audiences large and small about email marketing. I typically provide recent data and trends, suggest proven … [Read more...]

Five Email Programs Agencies Can Provide to Clients

Email is cool again. A recent Venturebeat study found that nearly 70% of marketers will use more email marketing in 2015 than in 2014. Email is the preferred channel among customers who wish to receive information from brands. … [Read more...]

Not Just a Pretty Face

Why successful email is about more than design. Recognizing the need for database management acumen in the email marketing practice. So much emphasis is placed on design and development skills in the email marketing practice — and … [Read more...]

Advertising Options for Email Marketers

In his book Audience, Jeff Rohrs made a compelling argument for why brands should consider audiences to be prized assets. The process to build a proprietary following of subscribers, social media followers, and mobile application users is … [Read more...]