How To: Twitter Lead Generation Cards

For those marketers active on Twitter and seeking a boost in new customer prospects, Twitter offers Lead Generation Cards. This advertising product allows marketers to sponsor a tweet and attach some asset to it. Valuable assets can … [Read more...]

Determining Email Send Frequency

Have you ever attended a live horse race or even watched one on television? You may notice a few jockey tendencies as they guide their horses around bends, through crowded straightaways and down the stretch. Most people see the jockey just … [Read more...]

Mobile SEO Recommendations

Last week I attended SMX West in San Jose, California. The conference featured many speakers from companies like Google and Bing, noted search marketing agencies and respected practitioners. One session that I found particularly … [Read more...]

15 Utilities to Improve Your Email Marketing

When it comes to picking a favorite email service provider, I don’t have one. So many tools offer virtually the same offering at a very comparable price. Sure, there are some best of breed services that can handle massive lists, … [Read more...]

Website Speed Analysis

Is your website crawling along at a snail’s pace? If so, you could be preventing your site from becoming a viable marketing asset. Beyond the obvious concerns about poor visitor experience, website speed is crucial because it is a search … [Read more...]

Why Your Marketing Test is Weak

Those of us in the marketing industry that freely admit we don't have all the answers, we can't exactly predict marketing results, and we truly don't know our customers well enough to anticipate how they will respond to certain marketing … [Read more...]

Marketing Reports are Icebergs

If you are like me, you may have made the mistake of thinking that the larger the report, the more value it provides. What a crock. Very early my career, I remember creating massive reports that included every possible data point, … [Read more...]

Do You Really Need an Email Newsletter?

Too often the words "email marketing" become synonymous with "email newsletter." Newsletter programs and other frequent, consistent email communication to a known audience are merely a facet of the discipline. I'm not knocking all email … [Read more...]

Two Big Reasons Agencies Should Use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free utility that allows us to place, update and manage code snippets (or tags) on our websites and applications. Agencies, in particular, who rely on clients or third party developers to place code that enable … [Read more...]

2013 Gmail Updates Review

Throughout the latter half of 2013, Gmail has been very busy making updates to improve customer experience, reduce clutter and give email readers more control. Three major updates have been introduced in the past year. Meanwhile, each … [Read more...]