Email Marketing Metrics Explained

An explanation of standard, advanced, and ecommerce email marketing metrics. Use these metrics to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. DOWNLOAD CHART DOWNLOAD CHART   … [Read more...]

Four Tools Agencies Can Use When Bringing on New Email Clients

Agency friends - Do you have plans to provide email marketing services to a new client? Before you do, consider these tools to help prevent a new project from becoming a new burden. 1. List Validation Tools Chances are your new client … [Read more...]

Writing for Recipients: From Essay to Email

Have you ever received a commercial email message that reads more like a mundane memorandum? Even worse, have you been asked to create an email campaign with copy that just doesn’t quit?   When writing for email, brevity is not a … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Media Tracking Discrepancies

Anyone who has tracked an online media campaign with Google Analytics or another website analytics provider has likely come across a noteworthy discrepancy in how many clicks are reported from media vendors vs. how many visitors are … [Read more...]

Using Coupons and Discount Codes in Email

It’s Labor Day weekend. For consumers, it's a time to relish the waning days of summer. For many businesses and advertisers, Labor Day marks a significant opportunity to encourage shoppers to cough up dollars, take advantage of special … [Read more...]

Every Customer Has a Story

Think back to your junior high or high school English Literature class when your teacher first introduced and explained a story arc. This graphic representation of a plot is used by authors, television show writers, comic book creators, … [Read more...]

Responsive Email Case Study

Tips for hiding, stacking, adjusting and swapping elements within marketing emails. A month ago, I completed a project for Fairytale Brownies, who requested some help improving how their promotional email messages render on mobile devices. … [Read more...]

Your Content Needs Some George Washington Carver

Anyone who attended elementary school in the States can likely tell you a little something about George Washington Carver. He was a respected scientist, botanist and inventor. While his greatest contribution to American agriculture was … [Read more...]

Are We There Yet?

It's summertime. And in Phoenix, Arizona, that means one of three things: a) stay inside, b) jump in the pool, or c) get out of Dodge. When my family and I decide to get away for a weekend or take a drive north to cooler temperatures, I … [Read more...]

Hard & Soft Landing Page Elements

I spoke recently with the director of customer service for a national home improvement brand. She told me about how her team is evaluated on their use of both hard and soft skills. When I asked more about the difference between hard and … [Read more...]