Responsive Email Case Study

Helping Fairytale Brownies email look that much sweeter on mobile devices.

responsive email case study

Every Customer Has a Story

Using the story arc to identify and plan for challenges experience by customers.

Customer Story Arc for Marketers

Using Coupons and Discount Codes in Email

A review of six brands using coupons and discounts in email marketing. Learn preferred practices based on review findings.

Coupon Usage in Email Marketing

Diagnosing Media Tracking Discrepancies

Understanding why click tallies from media vendors don’t always match visits from analytics reports.

online media tracking discrepancies

Writing for Recipients: From Essay to Email

How to transform long-winded marketing diatribe to actionable email messages

bite sized email
dynamic email content

The Relevance Challenge: Dynamic Email Content

Utilize dynamic content to convey greater relevance to your email subscribers.
This post shows you how.

YouTube Search Optimization

Video Optimization for YouTube Rankings

Fundamental video search optimization tips plus research that shows what really impacts rankings on YouTube.