Marketing Reports are Icebergs

Don’t let single page marketing reports fool you. They still require a hefty amount of work to provide real value.

marketing analytics reports icebergs

Google Adwords Extensions – Graphic

A graphic providing explanations and examples of Google Adwords ad extensions.

Google Adwords Ad Extensions

It’s Retargeting. Not Regurgitation.

How to avoid going round and round with remarketing campaigns.

Retargeting Strategy

Email Design Primer

A 20-minute resource for traditional or print designers who want to learn how to design marketing emails.

Email Design Primer

How to Remove SPAM Referrals from Google Analytics

Client: These SPAM bots are messing up my Google Analytics metrics.
Me: Let’s fix that.

Google Analytics Referral Spam Filters

The Relevance Challenge: Dynamic Email Content

Utilize dynamic content to convey greater relevance to your email subscribers.
This post shows you how.

Video Optimization for YouTube Rankings

Fundamental video search optimization tips plus research that shows what really impacts rankings on YouTube.